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Jesus Never Existed

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Bursting the Jesus Bubble!


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Jesus Never Existed – An Introduction to the Ultimate Heresy

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The long and the short of it


Can you handle the truth?

No "hidden code", no "secret bloodline", no "arcane wisdom", no "holy grail", in fact, no mystery at all – just the unembellished truth about the greatest fraud in history. Jesus Never Existed reveals a disturbing truth: that the triumph of Christianity was a disaster for humanity – made chillingly ironic by the bogus nature of its central character, superstar and "saviour". Jesus Never Existed is an uncompromising exposure of the counterfeit origins of Christianity and of the evil it has brought to the world. Not a book for those who wish to keep their faith in the cosy bliss of historical ignorance.

Over 50 articles from this website, many revised and updated, arranged into ten chapters, each of which shakes Christianity to its very foundations.

533 pages over 450 illustrations 27 maps ISBN 0-906879-14-0

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Jesus Never Existed – eBooks

The Birthing of a Godman
  Unbelievable in Every Word





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In the workshop


Jesus in Wonderland
  The make-believe Ministry of a Messiah


Crucifixion of the Christ
  All of the Passion but none of the Piffle


The Counterfeit Apostle
  Saint Paul in fact and fiction


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